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Dear users of our service!

From 20.08.21, The promotion for a reviews on BestChange” – comes into force!

Win our new monthly Prize Pool


Every successful positive review adds 5 USD(payeer-perfectmoney -advcash) to our prize pool. Each month, we publish the list of participants, prize pool, and announce 6 winners in our Telegram channel. We randomly sеlect 6 winning reviews matching them with your Order IDs. The more reviews(with different order id)- the more chances of winning!

The drawing will be held EVERY (The 20th of every month) using the service

How do I become a participant of the promotion?

You need to subscribe to our Telegram channel-link uniochange;
Make an exchange for an amount of $10 or more;
Follow the link, sеlect ” Add feedback “,
in the Name field, enter your name,
in the email field – your active email,
in the field “Feedback” – your positive impression of our work,
in the “Order number” field (Important! if you do not specify it as necessary, then you will not be able to participate) specify the English letter U and the exchange ID on our website – for example, U700007.
in the field ” type of feedback ” – ” Positive “.


Confirm your review with a link that BestChange will send to confirm the publication of the review. If you did everything right, congratulations – you are a participant of the action!


Did you win? What to do?
If you win, you must contact our email from the mail with which the exchange was made and it is desirable to specify in the subject of the letter the exchange number that won,the text is in free form, for example: I ask you to transfer my winnings to my (Perfect Money USD – Payeer USD- advcash usd) U or P-wallet.»


**Write more than 5 reviews a day! In case of violation, reviews over the limit will not be included in the pool;
**Write reviews for the same exchange;
**Write the same type of reviews, copy someone else’s, publish slander or insults, etc.;
**To participate to residents of “List of banned countries” (see the menu “Rules – List of banned countries;).
Violation of the rules of the promotion may lead to the cancellation of the results of the draw! Therefore, we ask you not to violate them!

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